When people talk about the reasons why you should use a recruitment agency, they are not just talking in vain.

A recruitment agency is like a wire. They connect the switch to the power source. But not just that, they are also insulators of some kind, preventing any problems from either party.

A recruitment agency connects companies and organizations to talented prospective employees looking for a change, and ultimately, helps keep the two parties happy.

Why hire a recruitment agency? Because they are a good investment for your company.

1. Faster hiring

If we are honest, most companies fail in finding prospective employees. Mainly because they don’t know how to.

They put out a call for applications and interview many prospective candidates for the job, each of which can be very time-consuming. Plus, companies are very busy trying not to fold up and trying to make a profit.

This is why HireVue reported that the average time it takes to hire for a role is 42 days.

This is why a company should hire a recruitment agency. They are specialists who will help you find qualified candidates quicker using all the connections and databases they have, cutting down your interview time radically and helping you find the perfect candidate.

2. High-quality candidates

As we said before, companies hire in an inefficient way because they call for applications, and anyone at all can apply and come for an interview. This wastes the company’s time, human resources and leads to failures.

With recruitment agencies, however, you as the company only get the high-quality candidates and the best you need. The recruitment agency has already accessed and screened candidates for you, saving you a lot of time.

When you hire recruitment agencies, you get not just applicants, but relevant candidates.

3. Specialist recruitment knowledge

It is literally the entire job description of recruitment agencies to find good candidates for companies which hire them. This means that to stay in business, they have to find ways of making sure they present the best candidates every time across different sectors.

The recruitment agencies still in business have information on candidates in different sectors, and they also have a good idea about even the technical roles.

The in-house recruitment team of a company usually does not have this knowledge, so it is better that they hire recruitment companies.

4. Focus on serving the client

Many recruitment agencies work on the basis that they only get paid if a company hires a candidate they present, hence they have to present their best foot forward every time.

To do this, a recruitment agency spends time focusing on scouting the best candidates for different roles in different sectors, even before a company contacts them for hiring.

A recruitment company only wants the best for its client, and this makes them work more thoroughly to make sure they fulfill that goal.

5. Knowledge of the market

A recruitment agency has a thorough knowledge of the job market and all the different challenges that the market faces.

They also have knowledge about specific sectors too because it’s their job to know.

Hence, hiring a recruitment agency means that a company can get valuable advice when hiring, but also access to specific information to attract the candidate they need such as good salary, employee expectations, and so on.

How to choose the right recruitment agency


Now that you know why you should engage recruitment agencies when hiring, how do you choose the recruitment agency that is perfect for your company? Well, here are the things to consider.

The agency you hire should specialize in exactly what your company is all about. Recruitment agencies usually have a specific niche that they specialize in. If you need a tech person, hire a recruitment agency that specializes in the tech sector.

  • The agency’s specialization

The benefit of doing this is that a recruitment company with a niche most likely has deeper networks in that sector and knows all the ins and the outs.

That’s an agency you should hire.

  • Client reviews

The only thing better than a personal experience when you’re considering hiring a recruitment agency is the experiences of other people.

Make sure you check what other people are saying about the agency.

Of course, we know that sometimes reviews can be false or exaggerated, but you will get an average sense of the agency’s competence when you check the reviews.

So, look out for reviews.

  • Steps of the hiring process

A good hiring process is necessary because it determines the kind of candidates you’re going to get.

So when hiring a recruitment agency, ask them to walk you through their recruitment process and see if it is thorough.

If you don’t like their process, don’t hire them.

  • Recruiting fees

Fees should also be a consideration when you are scouting for a recruitment agency.

Do not spend too much money on recruitment to the extent that other aspects of your company suffer. Stay within the budget.

Also, consider whether you need the recruitment agency on retainer or whether it’s just a single or short-term job. That usually affects the price.

Keep your budget in mind when hiring an agency.

  • The recruiters’ profiles

A good recruitment agency must put its best foot forward.

They are involved in recruitment so they must know that a good profile is an important step when you want to get hired.

A recruitment agency with a bad profile should not be one you should entrust your hiring process to.


You have seen the reasons you should use a recruitment agency and how to hire one that will be good for your company.

Final advice though: when you do hire an agency, give them time and space to work. Do not crowd them or meddle too much.

They’re the experts. Let them work.

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