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Ukraine's IT export laws favorable

It implies a B2B relationship between employer and contractor. Most Ukrainian developers are registered as individual entrepreneurs.

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Ukrainians are used to remote work

92% of Ukrainian IT professionals work remotely. This is a big plus for hiring: specialists don't care what country the employer is from.

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Rapid personnel acquisition in Ukraine

In Ukraine, it takes 3-4 weeks to hire a middle-level developer, and 3-5 weeks to hire a senior developer. This is several times faster than in Europe or America.

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Ukrainian devs seek professional growth

According to the study, 61% of developers read professional literature, 58% take online courses and trainings, and 26% regularly attend IT events.

Why recruiting in Ukraine?

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As companies continue to expand globally, recruiting talent from different countries has become more common. One country that should be on the radar of companies looking to expand their workforce is Ukraine.

Ukraine has a highly educated and skilled workforce, with a tradition of excellence in science, technology, engineering. Ukrainian workers are known for their technical expertise, analytical skills, and problem-solving abilities. This makes them an attractive option for companies looking for skilled workers in these fields.

Ukraine also has a vibrant startup culture, particularly in the capital city of Kiev, which has been dubbed the “Silicon Valley of Eastern Europe.” This entrepreneurial spirit is reflected in the country’s workforce, with many Ukrainian workers possessing a strong entrepreneurial mindset and a willingness to take risks.

Furthermore, English is widely spoken in Ukraine, particularly among the younger generation. This means that Ukrainian workers are generally comfortable communicating in English, which can be a significant advantage for companies that operate in English-speaking markets.

Overall, Ukraine offers a highly educated and skilled workforce, competitive labor costs, a vibrant startup culture, strong English language skills, and a favorable business environment. For companies looking to expand their workforce and tap into new markets, Ukraine should be high on the list of potential recruiting destinations.

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